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  1. Dip feat. Tommy Lee Sparta
  2. Fully Auto feat. Bayka
  3. Twerk It
  4. Chop Life feat. Malie Donn
  5. 43
  6. 4th of July

  7. Drift feat. Davido (Remix)

  8. Teejay Star feat. Jaydon & Quada

  9. Never feat. Skillibeng 
  10. Drift 

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Date : December 21, 2023


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Teejay’s latest album “I AM CHIPPY” is a showcase of his versatility and prowess as one of Jamaica’s top dancehall artists. With a fusion of infectious beats and catchy melodies, each track offers a unique experience for listeners.

The album kicks off with the energetic “Dip” featuring Tommy Lee Sparta, setting the tone for what’s to come. This track stands out as the latest single and is anticipated to continue the momentum following the success of his biggest hit, “Drift,” which is track #10 on the album. “Drift” has surpassed the views of his 2018 breakthrough single “Up Top,” solidifying its status as a fan favorite and highlighting Teejay’s continued success in the music industry.

Teejay explores different themes throughout the album. Tracks like “Twerk It” keep the dancehall vibes going with its vibrant rhythm and captivating hooks. The smooth groove of “53” reflects on his personal life, while the infectious “4th of July” showcases his ability to create hits across various styles within the dancehall genre.

The album also features collaborations with notable artists such as Davido on the remix of “Drift,” Skillibeng on “Never,” “Fully Auto” featuring Bayka, the celebratory vibes of “Chop Life” featuring Malie Donn, and “Teejay Star” with Jaydon & Quada, adding depth and diversity to the project.

Overall, “I AM CHIPPY” is a solid offering from Teejay, demonstrating his growth as an artist and solidifying his place in the dancehall scene. With its infectious beats and memorable hooks, this album is sure to keep listeners entertained from start to finish.

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